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Yale Bowl Bleacher Wood

The historic Yale Bowl is one of the treasures in American sports. When it opened in 1914, it was the largest amphitheater built since the Roman Coliseum. It was the first stadium with seating that completely surrounded the field and has been declared a national landmark. This "bowl" design was the inspiration for the Rose Bowl and gave name to the Bowl games of college and professional football. In 2006 the Yale Bowl underwent a major renovation and several of the bleachers were replaced, including the bleacher wood used to create these limited edition pens.  We aren't sure what kind of wood it is, but we are certain that this Yale Bowl Bleacher Wood has seen many a "Saybrook Strip" and has been thoroughly informed that "Harvard Sucks".  This year the Yale Bowl celebrates its 100th birthday as Yale's football stadium and as an historic landmark in the community.